fun in the SUN

Today was such a Hot day, why not have a photo shoot he he


Relaxing in the sun while I get my pics taken is always Lemontastic #dontask

IMG_5409   IMG_5412IMG_5414    IMG_5400


Jeans – Woolworths        Top – Factorie       Cap – Models own       Shoes – Tekkie Town

This outfit is simple and easy to wear, any body type can wear it and it can be mixed and matched with different jeans or even a skirt. I love the top because one of my favourite colours is grey and the patten is different, jeans are super comfy (its basically jeggings) and my chucks are just like everyday shoes. The cap I had designed for a Youth Ministry I am apart of in Mitchell’s plain and our tribe is called Misfits 🙂 best tribe ever!!! I live for Friday’s just be with the Misfits!!

Hope you enjoying the Sun as much as I am 🙂


Blessed day to you xxxo



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