A touch of Leather

On Saturday I had gone to China Town in search for a “Black Leather Jacket” as people do he he


As I worked through the stalls I had come across this beautiful camo jacket with just a touch of black leather and fell in love right there #heartssurroundedmyhead

IMG_5422  IMG_5435IMG_5451  IMG_5456

Jacket – China Town   Hat – The Lot    Top – Mr Price     Jeans – Woolworths     Shoes – Mr Price

In these images I had paired my beautiful jacket with a white shirt, dark denim jeans, black chapman hat and black heels (every girl needs a pair) one thing I loved the most about my purchase is that I can wear it paired with just about anything. Wearing it to work or just a night on the town with my girls. I do hope you will fall In love with your very our jacket and  just the right amount of leather that every girl needs.

Let me know what you think or what you would pair it with

Have a blessed day xxxo



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