2 looks in a White Dress


On Sunday I was looking for an outfit to wear to church and found my white dress but couldn’t decide if I should dress it down or up. I tried them on and just had a quick shoot before heading off to church 🙂

IMG_5459   IMG_5470   IMG_5469   IMG_5468   IMG_5476

Dress – YDE   Shoes – Mr Price  Backpack – Forever 21  Jewellery – Forever 21

The first outfit is my white dress, leopard print boots, brown backpack and gold jewellery. I love these shoes because they are comfy but bring out a little bit of a wild side to the outfit. I am obsessed with these gold rings, it just makes your hand look a little expensive (or is it just me) he he. Backpack is just the right size for me to fit everything I need for church inside. It is a simple outfit with a dress that might not be as simple but can be used for day or night.

IMG_5490   IMG_5494   IMG_5496   IMG_5499

Dress – YDE   Sandals – Mr Price   Leopard Print Bag – Forever 21   Jewellery – Forever 21

The second outfit is my white dress (again lol), bronze sandals, leopard print clutch and definitely gold jewellery. Sandals are so comfy and make me feel as if Spring/Summer is around the corner and may I add that Sunday was pretty hot!! The day I saw this clutch I said “I don’t care if I ever wear it but I will find use for it one day” and YES I bought it ha ha, it just changes up the outfit and I am a little obsessed with leopard print but everyone is once in their lifetime lol. These rings … Need I say more #inlove

I ended up wearing a totally different outfit to church, seriously a girl just has problems ha ha

Blessed day to you xxxo



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