21 Again

My weekend was basically going to 21st birthday’s all weekend…

My friend Kaylin had a Breakfast 21st at The Blowfish Restaurant at the Dolphin Beach Hotel (same as I did he he) Her theme was Chanel and we where required to wear Black and Grey.

image copy 8       image copy 9

This is what I had come up with sticking to the theme even though I just went with one colour he he #blackisthenewblack

image copy 3  image copy 4image copy 6 image copy 2 image

Dress – Forever 21  Hat – The Lot   Heels  – Mr Price   Chain – Mr Price

I have been dying to wear this dress ever since I had seen it in the shop and bought it. As you can see the back has an open back but not to open (still good to wear a bra) it flows when you walk and just makes me feel like I’m doing modelling again. Hat I wanted to add so that I would just have my hair done but I had chosen to look more “Chanel”. My heels are not to high and have a little zip on the side just break away from all the black. Necklace I like that it said “wish” and I was going to a birthday party. I’m just weird like that hehe

image copy 7      image


Kaylin, then had a Second party at Hazendal Wine Estate in Kuilsriver for her Lumo Party.

There was music, paint, eats, drinks and sweets. The UV lights inside the venue made all the colours shine and it was crazy fun.

IMG_5735   IMG_5748   IMG_5743   IMG_5728

Dress – Mr Price  Jersey – Cotton on  Shoes – Factorie  Head band – Mr Price

image copy 12

My dress as you can see was black and white strips with a beautiful orange strip on each side and when I would stand under the UV lights I would be like “look at me I shine” I matched it with my jelly shoes and if you were born in the 90s you know you wore them, when I saw them in factorie I just said give me of every colour!! I now have about 5 pairs and yes it’s a bit crazy but Summer is around the corner and I’m so ready for the heat. I then added my flowy jersey over because it was in the evening and I was not going to freeze in this little dress, I mean it is not really summer yet so I won’t be taking any chances.


Andrea’s Red Dream

image copy 10     image copy 141   4

My Friend Andrea’s 21st Birthday was on Sunday, she had had a lunch at her house which was set up under tents with red and silver decor, it was perfect just for her.

IMG_5751 IMG_5752 IMG_5754IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5763IMG_5764 IMG_5774 IMG_5773

Jeans – Edgards   Shirt – H&M   Heels – Forever 21   Jacket – China Town   Necklace –  Mr Price

IMG_5758   IMG_5759IMG_5770   IMG_5766IMG_5776   IMG_5777

I had gotten into the whole “wearing black” phase this weekend I think and it was just too hot for black but it didn’t stop me ha ha (crazy person that I am). I had wore my skinniest of jeans that I love so much, it doesn’t stretch and just fits me perfectly like a second skinny. A girl can never go wrong with a black skinny jeans #justsaying My black shirt had just been my favourite thing to wear if I feel like wearing all black, I just feel like I’m skinny and don’t forget sexy he he #confident I love wearing heels from time to time and when I know I am going to be on my feet for a really long time “wedges” are like my best friend. These beautiful wedges I had seen in the store it was the last pair and just in my size, I tried them on and wanted to walk out of the store wearing them. They are a perfect fit and I love that they are brown and just look cute yet sexy at the same time. Of course I wanted to match my cute wedges with my brown jacket that has the best little crazy side to it, yes I am talking about my favourite print “leopard” #youknowmetowell It just had the outfit feel more like me and don’t you love it when you wear the clothes and the clothes don’t wear you. Once again I had worn my wish necklace and just felt like it was my weekend necklace and it also worked with the brown in my outfit.



Dress – Private Dressmaker

Shoes -Sandton (private boutique)

Hair – Hair Factory

Make Up – Shanaaz Surtie

Jewellery – Foschini


Dress – 4evening

Shoes – Rage

Jewellery – Truworths

Hair – Lion20two

Make Up – Lion20two


I do hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did, let me now what you think of each outfit or what you would pair together in the comment block below.

God bless xxxo



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