august blush


Have you ever had those days where you see something you haven’t worn in a really long time and get excited to wear it again? Basically that happened to me when I had seen my “maroon high-low skirt”

IMG_5538    IMG_5543IMG_5558    IMG_5537IMG_5540   IMG_5547   IMG_5554   IMG_5556


Jacket – Identity  T-shirt – Mr Price  Skirt – China Town  Shoes – Tekkie Town  Bag – China Town  Sunglasses – Spitfire

I just felt like blushing when I put it on, and thats why my title of this post is called “august blush” I had gone to China town one day (really can’t remember when) and was looking for a skirt to where to a function I had to attend with family but the catch was it had to be maroon. I had searched through every store and finally the last store I went into had the perfect skirt just for me. In the front of the shop there it was calling out to me, okay maybe not as dramatic but I had to have it. I love wearing maroon with black and greys, I really don’t know why oh wait it’s my favourite colours #blondemoment  I paired it with my Demin jacket I bought at Identity, the washed out look just gives the outfit something bright to all the dark colours. My bag which is called “the bag” I mean such an awesome name lol is my everyday bag and the size is perfect for any occasion. Glasses are from spitfire and I wanted over sized glasses for a really long time saw these grabbed them and now they can’t wait to be used all through summer.


Hope you enjoyed my blushing moment, feel free to leave comment

God bless xxxo



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