cup of tea anyone??


I really don’t know how I got through this weekend but between all the 21st’s I had gone to my Beautiful gran tea party. She had turned 83 and she wanted all her daughters and granddaughters to go out for tea. My aunt had told us about this place in Brackenfell called Boere Sjiek and it really speaks for itself.

IMG_5608  IMG_5572IMG_5596  IMG_5651IMG_5560  IMG_5605IMG_5615  IMG_5619IMG_5602  IMG_5661

It was so hard to finally choose which slice of cake I wanted because there were so much to choose from; cheese cakes, red velvet, carrot, tiramisu, chocolate and every cup cake you could think of. The drinks were so good, I had a Vanilla Iced Latte and wow was it not to die for, if you haven’t noticed I really love cold drinks its weird. #justbeingme

IMG_5664   IMG_5565   IMG_5567   IMG_5579

Besides having a cup of tea and a slice of cake, you can purchase any of the items in store. Everything you were served with you were able to purchase which was awesome, there were so many things I would use in my home or bedroom, or even just a random room.


If you ever find yourself wanting a cup of tea with the ladies try it out and enjoy 🙂

God Bless xxxo



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