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Have you ever found yourself looking at a Hair colour and wanting to go for it? I have wanted to dye my hair many colours but could never figure out how to do it, if I should do it or what colour to choose. In this post I will be showing and giving tips on what colours match what skin type, eye colour and seasons and if you brave enough some striking colour to choose from too.

I have had my hair dyed at least 5 times I went from my normal colour which was a honey brown with natural highlights to blonde that I tried to do myself, black, black and wine red just at the bottom then I dyed it auburn with highlights and now its growing out. I was in a hair show and that why my hair was dyed with wine red underneath and I loved it but it never lasted long, so I would have to re-dye it, it was costly and it damaged my hair, I just let it grow out. My current hair colour looks as if it’s ombre, I just let it grow out and it has really grown on me. I love it 🙂


Hair colours for fair skin

– you suit warm hair tones such as golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn.

Hair colour for dark skin

– you suit neutral tones like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany

Hair colour for olive skin

– you suit cool hair tones such as platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and jet black.

Hair and eye colour

– Hair colours like light gold or ash are cooler-toned colors and are best suited to people with blue or grey eyes. These eye colors have a blue base as opposed to having a yellow or brown base.

– A hair colour with warm tones like red, gold and auburn shades are best for people with brown, green or hazel eyes. This is because these particular eye colors also have a yellow base.

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Hair colour for season

– Hair Colours for the Spring Type: Nature puts a golden sheen into the hair of spring types. You should therefore avoid ashen tones and choose warm colours instead. Ideal options are golden blonde, flaxen, honey blonde, golden brown, copper, warm light reddish tones like golden red or strawberry blonde. Warm light to medium brown tones also work well. Make sure that the hair colour is not too dark. The dramatic look only suits cool skin types.

– Hair Colours for the Summer Type: Silvery or platinum blonde streaks add dazzling highlights to hair, which needs a little more radiance. One or two shades darker streaks also create a livelier picture.

In case you decide to tint or colour your hair, ash blonde, ash brown or platinum blonde are your colours. Red hair colour for summer types should have a bluish hue like Bordeaux or mauve. You should avoid red hair colour with a mahogany, copper or golden blonde tinge because these colours would add years to your face.

– Hair Colours for the Autumn Type: Accentuate your hair colour with warm red and copper tones. All warm brown tones like golden brown, coppery gold or chestnut are also flattering. If you really want to colour you hair blonde you should reach for golden blonde shades. Ash blonde colours do not suit the autumn-type skin. A clever alternative are golden blonde or coppery red streaks. Blonde streaks are however not very becoming because they look artificial.

– Hair Colours for the Winter Type: The rich tones of winter-type hair naturally radiate warmth. Therefore, it rarely needs anything but the occasional conditioning rinse for more lustre. However, if you want to emphasise your natural hair colour you could enhance it by giving it a bluish-black gloss. Aubergine and mahogany hair colour accentuates dark hair. Colour treatments in your own natural hair colour highlight the natural beauty of your hair and add more shine.

Lightening winter-type hair often leads to awkward reddish tones, which do not suit your type. Do not consider streaks either because they also tend to look reddish after lightening and make you look older. If you still want to colour your hair you should use ash tones. Avoid yellowish golden shades of hair colour because they detract from the radiance of your skin.

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  • Red hair colour is the brightest shade and attracts most attention. Be sure to choose a shade of red that compliments your skin tone.
  • Blonde hair dye is particularly harmful to already damaged hair, as bleach is a powerful chemical. It’s best to make sure your hair is healthy before going blonde or a shade later than your natural hair colour. Keep in mind that most shades of blonde usually tend to look unnatural on olive or dark skinned people.
  • Go on to photoshop on your computer and change your hair colour before going to the hairdresser to make a drastic change.
  • If you dye your hair blonde, be warned that it can be very harmful, even if you are a natural blonde and want to go lighter. The best way to keep your hair healthy with the blonde hair dye is to grow it out 1 to 3 cm and then re-dye it. Do not constantly dye it or you will have very damaged hair.
  • Remember that if you have blemishes, a full block color will bring them out. Also if you’re over 25, full block colors should generally be avoided.
  • Don’t go for ginger if you have olive skin. (red hair looks better on fair skin).
  • When thinking about non-natural colors such as purple, blue, and green, also consider how this might clash with your current wardrobe and jewelry. Another thing to consider is how the new hair color might conflict with the dress code at work or school.
  • Keep hair colouring to a limit because you can damage your hair.
  • When you are colouring your hair for the first time, don’t do it by yourself. Get it done by a professional.
  • You cannot go from one extreme hair colour to another, it really does mess up your hair.
  • Dyeing your hair bold colour is awesome but the up keep is expensive and can make your hair feel as if it’s hay.
  • When dyeing your hair and you not sure what to do, don’t be shy to go into a store and try on a wig it really does help.


Hope these hair tips have helped you when having to make a choice into what to do, when you decided to dye your hair. Let me know what you have done to your hair lately ,add @lion20two to your post on Instagram. I would love to see.


God Bless xxxo


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