crosstown red


There are days when I decide okay maybe I should go through my clothes and throw things out. I always find something that I haven’t worn in a long time or was search for. I really don’t like when I can’t find items but when I do find them, it’s as if I throw a party in my head #crazymuch

As I was cleaning out my cupboards, I found my navy blue dress that I had bought at YDE as a back up dress for my beautiful friend Lynne’s wedding in March. I thought I should try it on and see what you guys think.


Dress – YDE   Shoes – Woolworths  Makeup and Hair – Lion20two

I always go to YDE if I need an outfit for a wedding or an event. There is always something that catches my eye 🙂 This beautiful navy dress was just my size and a perfect fit, the lace back just sold me and it gives a simple dress more life and detail. The only issue I had with the dress as finding a bra to wear with it, best idea I came up with was to have the Suction cups used for open back dresses or if you don’t want your bra to show. My red heels were a gift from my parent when I passed Beauty Therapy and got my certificate at graduation. I really wanted it so, I asked then if I passed with 80% or  90% would they get it for me and I think my mom was a bit difficult but she knew that I was working hard and had good marks that she decided it was worth getting for what I had accomplished. The thick heel makes it much easier to walk on and allows me to walk around for a longer period of time than any of my other heels.


What is your favourite Red item you have every bought or received?? Let me know

God Bless xxxo



  1. My red jersey that I got from my grandmother’s cupboard, my red Chucks (Converse) and a red mug that I received for my birthday – basically all things red haha.


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