lipstick 101.2

Have you ever just wanted to go crazy with lip colour but never sure on what to buy or wear?


First make sure you find the lip colour that you want and fall in love with. Tip: colours look different on all skin types


Lip colour – Cranberry/Wine red

When choosing a lipstick always make sure you have a lip pencil close to your lip colour as possible, if you do not have one your lipstick over time will cause bleeding/feathering. You know when you use a permanent marker on your skin and its starts to seep into your skin, the same happens with lipstick and that’s why lip pencil is a key item when using lipstick.

image copy 4 image copy 3


Apply your lip pencil and make sure to get your lips correctly even if you need to pull a few faces when you put it on.

image11image copy

Lip pencil

Apply lipstick carefully on lips and over the lip pencil.


Lip colour applied


Remove lipstick from outside your lips with a cotton bud

Bolting is very important to have longer lasting lip colour. Use a tissue, separate the tissue using one ply over the lips and powder lips with your base powder. Do this a few times until happy with the colour, I do it about 4 times and it last for +_8hours.


Separating Tissue


Using Powder and Brush


Powdering lips

Final thing to do pull your finger through your mouth removing excess lipstick in the centre which avoids lipstick going onto your teeth.


Excess Lipstick

Final looks with 4 different colours.

Processed with MoldivProcessed with MoldivProcessed with MoldivProcessed with Moldiv

Always remember that with a bold lip the rest of your make up on your face should be simple but people are different and if you like to be bold all over do it. I’d love to see the looks you all come up with.

These are the lipsticks I used, they are my ultimate favourite.

image image2  image1image4

Wine red – Mac          Red – Revlon           Nude – Rimmel         Light pink – Bobbi brown

What is your favourite lip colour?? Let me know, have fun with some colour this Summer


God bless xxxo


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