The Creamery Cafe


On Saturday my friend Andrea had taken me on an ice cream date and we went to explore The Creamery Café in Newlands.

The ice cream is made and sold from natural ingredients they buy from Local family farms, everything is homemade.

They go through a lot of effort to source ingredients that are grown and produced in a way that is kind to the environment and to animals, at the time of year they are in season, and tasting the best. Which all results in ice cream that’s pretty amazingly good, if I can say so myself. Their are many to choose from and your taste bud’s feel as if their are fairies dancing on your tongue, yes I said it 🙂

The Creamery: is not average Ice cream at all.



65% Chocolate
Sea Salt Caramel
Peanut Butter
Rosetta Roastery Coffee
Sweet Cream

Lemon Curd Swirl
Toasted Coconut
Lime Curd Swirl
Chocolate Orange
Rooibos Chai
Coconut Rice Pudding


Andrea had a Waffle, two scoops of ice cream- Chocolate and Rosemary Honey Orange with an extra roosted marshmallow on top and sea salt caramel sauce (which we shared). I had a waffle with sea salt caramel ice cream. We both enjoyed our dishes so much we are going to make our way there as soon as summer arrives

Visit their dessert cafe

Scoops, seasonal desserts, tea & coffee, waffles, sundaes and more!

Shop 4, Newlands Quarter, Dean Street, Newlands

021 686 3975

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday, Wednesday: 10am-7pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am-11pm



Hope to see you at the creamery café in summer

God bless xxxo



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