little victories


I find myself looking at clothes on people and randomly going up to them and asking if they would like to take pics with me. Lucky this is my friend Nina and she is studying clothing and textiles which is awesome. I really didn’t know that about her. We attend the same church, Hillsong Cape Town and serve in our Mitchells plain campus. We had an event recently called “The Sisterhood” which we have about 3-4 times a year, where women gather to glorify God and have a pamper session. I mean why not???

This is what we had worn to the event.

image8 image9 image10 image



image image2 image image11

Hat – Topshop     Jacket –  Mr Price    Shirt – Cotton On   Leggings – Cotton On   Shoes – Mr Price   Jewellery – Models Own

Reasons why by Nina – So I choose the pleather pants because I haven’t worn it yet and thought I could dress it down with a denim jacket which is always a winner for casual or fancy wear. I decided to wear a chiffon white shirt cause it’s flowy and its very cool to wear if it gets hot because I get hot quickly (inside the auditorium). I also buttoned it up cause thats just how its done lately. Haha mainstream and put the fine gold chain on just for some extra finishes. I choose the shoes because they are so edgy and yet so comfortable to wear. To top it all off with the hat that just gives a nice trendy look to the outfit because the outfit was monochrome colours, the denim jacket gave colour but still kept it to a clean look for a day out. Nina had a phone call while we were taking pics and I honestly think it was pretty cool, so I put it up.



image5  image3 image4 image7

Jacket – China Town   Dress – Mr Price   Shoes – Mr Price   Glasses – Spitfire    Jewellery – Forever 21/Models Own

Since I bought this leopard print dress I wanted to wear it but the weather in Cape Town was not allowing me to do so. it would be so hot and all of a sudden rain or I’d be freezing. I put on my man pants and just wore the dress and to be honest I really didn’t feel the Cold. I love leopard print and the colour of my dress mint and royal blue just look amazing together. I put a leather jacket over just to give it an edgy look and also kept me pretty warm throughout the day. I had matched my favourite boots with them, it’s pretty old but it still I always put them on when I wear anything really. My rings and earrings are one of my favourite jewellery buys at forever21 which has opened in Canal Walk Cape Town, its such a girly shop and my bank account is going to look very dim from all the things I would like to buy. I received my chain from a friend of mine in the USA she is an art teacher and when I got this item I was so excited because her kids in her class had helped her separate lots of chains and this one was chosen for me. My glasses are from spitfire and I honestly love them, everyone says I look like a fly or a mouse but I don’t care, I will be that proud fly mouse.

Photographer – Anver Perifort (who’s shoes are in the last picture)


What is your favourite leopard print purchase and what would you wear with it?

God Bless xxxo


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