you had to be there


do you ever have moments where something happens and you want to tell someone but it would be so much better if they were there? This is every Sunday, something crazy always happens at church and this crazy group of friends are just such a blessing!! Never a dull moment if we together…


Girls : Jenna and Lion


Jeans – Edgars    Jacket – Mr Price    Jersey – China Town    Top – Jay Jays    Shoes – Mr Price

Why  I liked my jeans, I bought it like 5 years ago and it’s the only skinny that fits me (my others are too big). The shoes well I wanted to wear heels but because I dance in All stars. All Stars is a kids ministry from the ages 6-10 that I am a part of. I do the dance moves during the worship and seeing that I am a dancer, I love every minute of it. I opted for wedged heels which worked for the dancing and our little walk.


Dress – Factorie    Head band – H&M   Sunnies – Spitfire   Earing – Lion20two    Socks – H&M   Shoes – Tekkie Town

I love wearing a dress every now and then and what I love about this dress is that I can dress it up or down. Of course I dressed it down for Sunday with my Shoes and Chucks. I love being comfortable especially if I am at church and need to run around with the kids. I am apart of our Fuel ministry and that is ages 12-15, I do the MC or Icebreakers on Sundays and sometimes you have to do some crazy things so comfit is key. I wore my headband because I wanted something to match my socks and it was pretty chilly the morning, I didn’t expect so much wind last week Sunday. I do love being a girl from time to time and Sunday I just took out the dress and said “today you are my best friend”.


Guys : Jesse and Charles


Pants – Markhams  Shirt – The Lot  Socks – Nike   Shoes – Vans   Bracelets – Made my Himself  Glasses – Police Frame Models Own

I don’t really have a reason as to why I wore this, I woke and took what I wanted looked in the mirror and was like “yeah that works”. I am the kinda guy that likes to dress well but in my own way. I was comfortable enough to do what I needed to in All stars/Décor and still smart for church but this is normal for me not really smart.


Pants – Made by Vanessa   Vest – Sportscence    Shoes – Vans   Watch –  Casio  Glasses – Fila Frame  Models Own

I was really not expecting to have a photo shoot at church but never the less. I woke up and felt that is was going to be a pretty hot day and I wore my vest and shorts but the weather turned out to be much colder than I had thought. I always wear shorts because I just feel comfortable in them, if you can see in one of the pictures I had pulled up the pants to make it a shorts. My vans are the most comfy shoes and seeing that I do All Stars, kids ministry and Décor for church. I am always on my feet. My shoes are mainly covered with anything and everything that happens in All stars. It was easy for me to put this on and quick.


I really am beyond thankful for these amazing people I get to call friends, that are apart of my journey with God and life. I look forward to having a six pack after all our laughter and some crazy memories we will get to tell our kids about. This is to many more Sundays exactly like the picture below… God bless all my friends and all of you reading this xxxo




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