If you know me pretty well, I am very into art and when I heard about the event RedbullSA was going to have called “Doodle Art” in the gardens, I couldn’t wait to go. I didn’t care if I was sick, in pain, couldn’t walk, I was going to be there.


When walking in, you are welcomed by so many people and of course you have to treat yourself to a Redbull. My boyfriend and I then went on the explore the different art pieces that was on show 🙂


The surf board was one of my favorite ones. It was interactive and very colourful, you would notice it from the entrance. It really stood out and the kids that came with their parent would run straight to the surf board wanting to stand on it and take a picture. I am not a surfer and totally look like a natural in this picture, if I may add. I would like to learn how to surf one day…


I loved the way this lady looked and her eye colour was like a yellow and it was so funny because my glasses was just about the same colour, totally felt we had a bonding moment. I loved the detail and that it was a beautiful female in the image, nothing like some girl power.


South Africa’s artist had truly captured the most famous mountain we are known for “Table Mountain” in Cape Town, South Africa. I loved the fact that when you looked through the whole you would see the design below all over the mountain. Yes it was just an Image that was on the Screen but the way it was positioned it seemed so real. Once again the kids wanted to play with it and so did the adults. Made it a fun activity for any age group.




The Pyramid was so much fun. When you walked through the sun would shine through the glass and it made you look up. The design was in the glass and it looked so awesome with the sunlight shinning through. It would make the print all over your face and body which I thought was different and beyond awesome.


The elephant was a cloth with the design on and was perfect to the touch (I would have totally worn that print)l. It also bought something different to the event as most were on paper. I was so happy to see that most of the Art pieces were of Women, had colour, had some element that was represented in the Countries, was just fun and inspiring to see some really good artists put pen to paper. I love drawing and messing around with pen and paper. Most of the time its more doodling then an actually drawing but add them all to together and you could get a really good art piece.


If Art is a way you to express yourself, then do it. Don’t let anyone stop you, reach your dreams and always believe in yourself.


God Bless



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