ripped jeans_bun in my hair


When I find something I love, put it on and it works! I am one crazy person who runs to get the camera to put up a post and see what you guys think…

DSC_0103 DSC_0117 DSC_0102DSC_0112 DSC_0098 DSC_0111

Top – YDE   Jeans – Mr Price   Shoes – YDE   Necklace – Mr Price  Sunnies – Lundun eyewear

DSC_0124 DSC_0129DSC_0131 DSC_0123

Ripped jeans is so in at the moment and if you have some old jeans you better get ripping he he. Of course I had matched my ripped jeans with my striped top and its a little bit of a crop top but not completely, if you know what I mean. My boyfriend bought me this stripe top at YDE and it was my first item from him at the store #inlove. I matched it with my nude heels he bought me for our first Christmas together and I love it because it had my two colour that I love (black and nude) with a pop of pink at the bottom. I am not really a pink fan but I have tried to wear some pink for the month of October to support those who have had breast cancer or are suffering with it now. We should always support where we can. My ripped jeans is my one of my favorite jeans to wear right now. I like that its not to loose like a wide cut jeans but also not to tight like a skinny jeans. It was bought ripped but I gave some extra ripped marks just for fun.  These sunnies are the best and I seriously couldn’t wait to but up a post with me wearing them. I went for coffee on Saturday with my boyfriend as we normally do (check out my post “coffee works”) and we had our normal stroll down long street and found ourselves in Kloof street at a surf shop just browsing. I saw this really cool Lion top and really wanted it (in the guys section) but it was just to pricey, so I carried on looking and my boyfriend knowing me all to well shows me where the sun glasses were and I wanted to try on all of them, I’m sure the people in the shop thought I was totally insane but I really didn’t care, like they say try it on and maybe you will fall in love with it!!! Okay I made that up but it’s really true. Very long story short, I really wanted a colour mirrored colour pair, after my beautiful friend Lynne had posted a sunnies post (click on her name and you can see her blog). I finally found the one that I loved and fit me and yes once again my boyfriend bought it for me. I really do love him so much #spoilt blessed with the best.

What was your favorite item given to you by your boyfriend or just a friend??


God bless




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