from day…

I always get frustrated when I have to wear one look for day time and a whole new outfit for the evening. So I am starting to get my outfit sorted for the day and evening by adding a few items to my day look.train shoot (1)

Kerwn Little – Photographer

train shoot (5) DSC_0053 DSC_0027train shoot (3) DSC_0051 train shoot (2)

 Hat – Forever 21   Top – Factorie   Jeans – Factorie   Shoes – Mr Price

Glasses – Gift (models own)   Watch – Casio

Necklace and Earrings – Mr Price   Rings –  Lovisa

DSC_0034 DSC_0018DSC_0031 train shoot (6)train shoot (8) train shoot (4)

I am wearing a Corvette jeans which my boyfriend’s mom had purchased from Factorie for me. It is so comfortable, when I wear it I feel like I have sweat pants on but jeans fabric. This item should be on your shopping list. I then matched it with a thin white to for those hot days and it’s loose, so once again looking good but also comfortable. My hat is my favourite and if you know me really well, you could guess why……. haha okay. Of course it is my favourite colour. I know some people don’t understand it but that’s fine I LOVE MAROON ❤ I had been searching for a maroon hat for a few months now and didn’t want a floppy one. I found this one at Forever 21 and I just walked into the shop went to the till and was beyond excited to wear it as soon as possible! I love this one so much that I now am on the look out for a Navy Blue one he he. About 6 months ago I had put up a picture on Instagram that I really wanted which was a Gold Casio watch, my boyfriend had searched for from store to store and finally found the perfect one just for me. He had given it to me on the 19th of November 2014. We had been dating 3 years on that day and I was so happy to see that he had gone through all this trouble to get me the watch. I am never seen without it #blushing. Instagram really seems to be a place where people find gifts that I would like because I put up my Christmas list and my friend Andrea saw that I wanted thick gold rings. I was so surprised when I opened my gifts and saw that she had gold me these gorgeous ones at Lovisa. I love them and they make any out fit pop and also gives you a reason to show off a fresh manicure. My Necklace I had bought a few weeks ago at Mr Price and loved the details and different shapes that made the necklace stand out. My glasses, where do I start?? I have wanted to wear these glasses so many times but just never found the right outfit or moment to wear them. I am glad to say that you guys will see me wearing these more often. My boyfriend had gotten this when he was 16 from his grandfather but never wore it and all these years it was sitting in his room, never been worn or touched. When I saw them I went CRAZY, they were so different, small and fit me perfectly. He then said I could have them and I just blushed of course. During the day time I wanted something comfy for my feet and a simple white sandal from Mr Price was a definite choice.


Next week I will add me Night look so stay tuned 🙂

God bless xxxo

p.s It might look like I am calm in the last picture but I was going crazy because I have a fear of heights and there was a river below (panic and shouting for my boyfriend who was taking the pictures was my exact emotions)


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