…to night

train shoot (9)

 Kerwn Little – Photographer

DSC_0068 train shoot (14) DSC_0069train shoot (12) DSC_0106 train shoot (13)

 Kimono – Cotton On         Shoes – Cotton On        Earrings – Mr Price

Necklace – Cotton On              Lipstick – Mac Cosmetics

train shoot (15) train shoot (17)DSC_0161 DSC_0099

I removed my jewellery and shoes, added black hunky heels, black kimono, chunky earrings, a choker necklace and red lips. My heels I saw on a shopping trip and at the time I was like should I, shouldn’t I battle going on in my head and I didn’t get them the first time. I them went to work the Monday and during my lunch break I just had to get them, so I drove to the Cotton on and took these gorgeous heels and went straight to the till paid and will forever be in love with them. My black Kimono I had bought at Cotton on last year December on sale. It is very simple but makes any outfit whether it is with shorts or jeans look so great. I always wanted a long black coat and a kimono so far is the closest I have gotten to it. My earrings I had bought many years ago and haven’t worn them in a while. I thought it would suit this look perfectly and it matched my chocker I had purchased at Cotton on and I am on the hunt right now for more as you read this sentence. I love that it is not tight on my neck and also gives great detail even though it is very simple. My earrings are not heavy on my ears and just make me feel like I have the Glam look when I wear them. My Lip colour is from Mac cosmetics called Heavenly Hybrid. I love a touch of colour on my lips every now and then. My boyfriend doesn’t really like it because if I kiss him it stains of course he he (just claiming him) I do love some colour to pop especially when I am very natural with my clothing.

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God Bless





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