strawberry picking

IMG_0207One Sunday my family had made plans to go to Stellenbosch and I said I wanted to go Strawberry picking before the year ends. Here are some pics of our crazy adventure…

IMG_5903 IMG_5918IMG_5915 IMG_5920IMG_0199 IMG_0196IMG_5917 IMG_5905IMG_5919 IMG_5909

Picking strawberries was so much fun and being with my family just made is so much better. I was so scared to eat them with out washing them but my family just went for it was so funny, I think we laughed more then picked with made us stay much longer. I would say its so much fun doing it in a big crowd but will also be romantic with your loved one.

IMG_0195 IMG_0202 IMG_0191

This was my final bunch of strawberries 🙂 I ate it as soon as I got home #blushing they so good, if you ever have time make your way to Stellenbosch Strawberry Farm.

IMG_5927 IMG_5926IMG_5931 IMG_5935My crazy bunch of Strawberries ❤

God Bless

IMG_0203 IMG_0204IMG_0205 IMG_0203


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