ladies night @ the yard

IMG_2300 IMG_2305

The Yard is a place with crazy atmosphere and super friendly people. I have wanted to go there at night for so long and decided that this was the place for LADIES NIGHT. We had a bit of a Photoshoot while we waited for our friend Claire. One of the waiters were kind enough to be our Photographer #sosweet #pullaface

IMG_2307 IMG_2318 IMG_2306IMG_2302 IMG_2353 IMG_2314

IMG_2329 IMG_2337

The Décor around this restaurant you will not find anywhere else. It’s so unique and I love it. The one thing I love the most is that you write you name on the wall to place your order. Once it’s your turn the amazing cooks shout out your name  and you place your order, our name for the night was HEELS. Once your order is ready they shout out your name again to collect your meal. We took a few selfies while we waited for our food. When our food arrived we all dug in and all said “mmmmmm, that’s really good” It was awesome and at times I got the biggest kick from the Jalapeno Peppers. I died just a little bit haha but I am starting to like them a lot 🙂 The chips were pure perfection crunchy on the outside but puffy in the center , just the way I like it. We ended up staying at the yard just talking about anything and everything for at least 3 hours, like they say time flies when you having fun.

IMG_2310 IMG_2357 IMG_2359 IMG_2354

If you ever tight on a budget but want some really good food and friendly atmosphere the YARD is the place to be!!!


God Bless




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