night at Galbi


Michka my friend with the biggest hair in the world had a Birthday this month and she wanted to celebrate with a few friends, we were invited to the Restaurant Galbi in Town on the corner of Bloem and Long Street number 210. These are some pictures of our crazy, fun-filled evening.

IMG_2538 IMG_2636 IMG_2588

When we had looked at the menu as was ready to place our order ( I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of the menu sorry) we had to push a button on the table which would call the waiter to come and take our orders down. It was so funny a few people just pushed it not knowing what would happen and then the waiter would just stand there, lol crazy friends I tell you. We had then gotten some fire which you can see us using below to cook our food, I do think its crazy to go to a restaurant and cook your own food but it was really fun I won’t lie. I think I burnt mine a little bit haha, it was still really good 🙂 After our food, some of us had ordered s’mores (people who never had one before) it was beyond funny watching them try to figure this whole thing out. Finally they had put everything together and of course the reaction after trying the s’more was MMMMMMMMMM… best day of my life

IMG_2548 IMG_2551IMG_2641 IMG_2589

IMG_2602 IMG_2603 IMG_2604

Had some fun with my Olio Clip, taking fish eye pics haha

IMG_2561 IMG_2540IMG_2607 IMG_2640

IMG_2612 IMG_2606 IMG_2614

We ended our night with some convo’s that lasted about 2 hours if not more. We then went our separate was home. I must say Michka you did well, thanks for an amazing night and for turning the best age you will ever be Twenty-TWO. Love you lots xxxo

IMG_2638 IMG_2635 IMG_2633

Next time you in town, why not check out Galbi you might just like it.

God bless xxxo


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