Went to the waterfront for my friends birthday few weeks back and had a quick photo shoot of my OOTD with the amazing boats and table mountain in the back ground.

IMG_4225 IMG_4226IMG_4227 IMG_4230

 Jacket – Factorie   Top – Factorie  Leggings – H&M  Glasses – Lundun Eyewear  Shoes – Vans  Hat – Forever 21

IMG_4239 IMG_4254IMG_4243 IMG_4249 IMG_4243IMG_4255 IMG_4236

Lately I have been wearing a lot of black and I think it’s because I have already put on weight and winter is close by, yes it’s getting a bit cold but doesn’t mean I should let go. Anyway excuse my craziness. Black has always been a colour to buy because it goes with everything. You could wear a bright colour with it or match it with something dark. I saw this top on my trip to Johannesburg when I went for work, in the guys section at Factorie. There is just something about boys vests and tshirts that I just love #dontjudgeme I loved the Hashtag and decided I would buy myself and my boyfriend one, matching lol because we had won at a camp we had recently added at Hillsong Church Cape Town. In this look I matched it with plain black leggings, something simple but I didn’t want to have to much print as my top already had some detail. I haven’t worn my maroon vans in a while and thought they would look pretty cool with this outfit, chilled but also comfy. I added my maroon hat I got at Forever21, to keep to stylish but also not to cray as it was just brunch for my friend’s birthday. Don’t wanna rock up to crazy. In some images you see me wearing my army jacket I got at cotton on. We were going to the V & A Waterfront Market and being close to the water I didn’t wanna freeze but I also loved how it all looked together. Seeing that the sun was out my glasses were a must have and how can you go wrong with mirrored sunnies? Never.

IMG_4247 IMG_4250IMG_4252 IMG_4256

 Hope I gave you guys some tips on how to keep it comfy with a touch of style 🙂

God bless xxxo



Photography : Andrea Appel


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