why did i put my brushes down



Lately I have been falling in love with make-up again!! Not really wearing it all the time but more being a make-up artist and not letting my 2 years of studies go to waste.


I think I lost my passion for make-up when I started wearing it so much and it started to define who I was. I never wanted to leave the house without my face on and it made me feel super insecure if I had almost nothing on (mascara and blush). I would cake (cover every spot with way too much make-up) my face and feel like I had come alive. I didn’t want that to define who I was or how I felt about myself anymore. As the picture says the way I saw my life, shaped my life. I never felt beautiful. I took a break from it just to find myself and just to feel like God made me beautiful with or without make-up. I still did matric balls/proms and functions that friends or family had asked me to do but I never really put myself on the market for a long time. I had spent time in front of the mirror, put up messages that would say, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, “You are beautiful”, “God does not make mistakes”, “No amount of make-up can make you more beautiful than you already are”, “Live for yourself and no one else” and “You got this”. After doing this for about a year I began to feel way more confident about myself and said “Okay Tiff you are a Lion and you will be brave in everything you do, no matter what anyone says.”


After being involved with Colour Conference 2015 hosted by Hillsong church. It truly awakened my passion for make-up and just being so excited with the outcome. I found myself being proud and overwhelmed with what I did on these amazing people. Seeing the singers and actors on stage, having the make-up on that I had done, really made me ask myself why I had stopped doing this. Why, why and why again.

11117238_943636295680426_3421566197396043442_n 1380081_943635875680468_340991168125679700_n 11149424_943724015671654_4778313451259880841_n 11152691_943723652338357_3570143662949371673_n 11011006_944715205572535_4458106501253394658_n 10464376_944715028905886_2679158871091336027_n 10404340_943723409005048_8913569662496734831_n 18218_943635995680456_1486981214736320038_n

I have recently done some make-up for more matric balls/proms and will start to do lots more make-up posts. I won’t stop adding my fashion and lifestyle posts but I feel like I should share my skills with you all in easy step by step guides. I really hope you would enjoy that :X


I just wanted to be very real and honest for a quick post and I hope you all got to know me a little bit more.

God bless



Photography : Hillsong Church and Lion20two



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