Just something small

So I started taking photos in the lift just for fun and to be silly, however as the days went by I realized that everyday I take a photo my emotion was always cheerful because I either was about to get food, or was my Friday or the shift had ended…

I had then started noticing that if that lift doesn’t open then I would literally be like “Awwww no man” no selfie today and my mood would be off!! For some people it may be a little bit like “oh come on Tiff really again, why must you take a picture now, it’s like you live there, can you just chill with the pictures now” when in actual fact for me it’s a really confidence boast and a silly small thing like a picture in a lift that changes my mood or makes me feel like being just a tad crazy at times, not that I need a lift for that ha ha. So if you find something silly or do something weird not everyone will approve it by hey do it for you, no1 needs to approve it!!!

Here’s to more lift shots and crazy moments that make you joyful at that very moment!!!



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