what’s your coffee???

My love for coffee is a never-ending story…


I have got my favourite stores that I go to but I am not scared to try something new. The difference is that when you find the one ❤ it’s really hard to change your mind or to be like are yeah let’s try something else… I feel like I will be cheating on my favourite cup if I go somewhere else you know??? I am not sure if you feel the same but maybe about something different, like favourite restaurant, drink, shoes, outfit or car… It is so hard to have a little change. Although change is good, it is hard to actually allow it to happen.

I have 3 favourites store and my favorite drink at that store :

Deluxe Coffee works for a Cortado

Rosetta Roastery for a Flat white

Seattle Coffee for a Seattle Freeze


What’s your favourite place to have coffee maybe I will pop in and have a taste…

Photographer – Gidion Felix


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