Single life…

Sometimes I wonder why I am still single, why I haven’t found the “one”? Yet everyone I know has or is dating, happily married, all in love or having babies.

I think maybe I am just not ready for true love, I have not healed from past hurt or maybe they just can’t handle me!!

You see I have been single for a while, saw a few guys for a little bit but I can honestly say single life is crazy and hectic! You constantly ask yourself questions, feel like you wanna cuddle but can’t, really really really REALLY feel like a kiss but don’t wanna kiss anyone cos you don’t want complications, not sure if you should flirt with someone that messages you, never really wanna go out because who would you meet and what if they hurt you or you sit in bed crying cos you feel lonely!

Don’t get me wrong, I have my ups with being single, not having to worry who you go out with, getting up in the morning and not having to discuss what you wanna do for the day, been able to eat whatever you want because dating makes you wanna look good next to your partner, phone bill not that high on cute calls lol or having to stress that today you just gonna be meh and not have to put on a smile for the next person.

But most of all being single has made me love me more, doing things for me when I need that boast, I am more confident now than I was! Not 100% confident but much more, I have learnt that things may not always go the way you plan but you learn along the way and I am loving it… 

I mean I’d enjoy being loved and be called someone’s girlfriend again but Imma reap the benefits of being single for now…

So to the next one, when I fall I hope you ready to catch me…


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