Is love really that dead???


So it’s February and all of a sudden it becomes the month of “LOVE” or like my sister once told me “SINGLE AWARENESS” month.

But honestly I think that is a load of BULLSHHHHH… like really do we need a calendar to tell us when to show someone that we really love them or just to show them that we actually appreciate who they are to us???

I mean I am all for gifts and giving gifts but like really man “ONE DAY”

Why do we do it just to make someone feel special for one day – like I am not saying that we need to do this everyday buying flowers and chocolates and a teddy or for those that like shoes and hand bags, REALLY?


Come on, simply making them coffee after a long day or a foot rub (ladies) back rub (guys), do something you will probably hate but you know they will love, give them a hug when they least expect it, kiss them in public (like embarrass them – trust me they may hate you in the moment but will love you so much more for it)

Like I don’t know if I am being too much but gosh man – don’t get me wrong I am not calling people out or whatever I am basically saying my feelings on this day.

I just think it’s made out to be such a BIG day when everyday can and should be a BIG day.

Like it may not be a thing for you, maybe show someone how much they mean to you. Like the person that you love will bring out that side of you, once again YESSSSS every one is not the same… Bleh Bleh Bleh I mean come on shut up and just make the person know like “wow I am feeling sooooo loved today for no reason at all.”

Eg : one of my friends husbands is just not the kind of guy to show “LOVE” but when he does shooo she like wants to get married all over again and it’s simply the small things.

Anyway that is my two cents on “Valentines day”



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