Just stop!

When you date someone, that person now enters your world, your lifestyle, your day-to-day. Not saying it all happens at once but if you want that person in your space because you see a proper future with them, then you show them “you” to see if they can fit in with everything or at least work with you on this journey.

I don’t know how some people can be in a relationship but cut the one they “love”off or not really show them how much they mean to them, so they only really open up a piece of their world, which I think is super selfish!

If you don’t see that person growing with you, being a little silly from time to time, they don’t make you smile, you always stressed out or it just gets to heavy for you, rather just leave and move on.

You are stopping yourself from finding “true love” and you gonna end up hurting someone you love or even worse being hurt even more.

Just stop!!!!



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