Not true…or is it?


It’s so hard to believe someone when they have betrayed you or were disloyal to you! I mean there is this saying “you cannot unsee the truth!” For me it’s like soooo true like you will never forget the truth and the lies don’t really matter!


I mean come on, if someone lies to you and the truth comes out shooo, that is a different ball game!

My biggest hate is when someone will tell you that Sally is a really horrible person to be around and then you met Sally and she like so sweet a great laugh! Just because Sally wronged the person who told you she’s crappy, now you have to act the same way, NOT TRUE!!

We are old enough I make our own decisions well most of us bwhahahaha

A liars worst enemy is a person with an amazing memory – food for thought!

Why live in the dark, when the truth is just so much better and brighter. Make a choice to you wanna live a lie or be true to you and who you are!

Truth never damages a cause that is just…


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the diamond

People always expect things to just happen with no work or effort put in. It must just come to you or it will happen because you said so…

Well I am sorry to burst your bubble, but the last time I checked that was a load of crap! I watched this video by Simon Sinek on millennials (click on his name to watch). Basically it deals with our generation getting consumed by the instant acceptance. Or wait, that like you get on social media – feels great hey? Well honey, that instant gratification won’t get you anywhere. Work for what you want!

I have been a victim of this! If you are honest with yourself, like really honest, we have all gone throught this. We have all wanted something to just come to us like that, at least once in our lives. If that instant gratification worked for someone else, no guarantee it will work for you!! Work hard and the rewards will be that much greater…


With that being said, a diamond isn’t a diamond when you find it. Well it is a diamond, just not the type you’re used to when all the work has been put in the refinement of it. You can put that rough diamond in a ring…it just won’t be as beautiful as the diamond encrusted ring you’ll find in your favorite jewelry shop. All shapes and sizes to make you feel some kind of way when you fall in love with those items. It has to go through a process; hard work, shaping, cutting, placement and sizing before it enters the shop to be sold and you, the client is blown away! To the point where you wouldn’t want to leave without it.

The same goes with anything in life. Some things we may get just like that, but other things we need to work hard for. Trust me, you will be more appreciative for what you’ve worked for than what was just given to you.

Let’s never just want but take the time to graft, work and achieve our goals, being an example for others and watch how much more happier you will be.


Don’t try to be a diamond while chasing the glitter…hard work pays off

Lion xxxo

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Just stop!

When you date someone, that person now enters your world, your lifestyle, your day-to-day. Not saying it all happens at once but if you want that person in your space because you see a proper future with them, then you show them “you” to see if they can fit in with everything or at least work with you on this journey.

I don’t know how some people can be in a relationship but cut the one they “love”off or not really show them how much they mean to them, so they only really open up a piece of their world, which I think is super selfish!

If you don’t see that person growing with you, being a little silly from time to time, they don’t make you smile, you always stressed out or it just gets to heavy for you, rather just leave and move on.

You are stopping yourself from finding “true love” and you gonna end up hurting someone you love or even worse being hurt even more.

Just stop!!!!


Sometimes you got to go through some SHHHHH…


In life you have to go through a bit of crap LOL in order to learn or to actually like see what you like, want in life and what is just like that HELL NO moments!!!

So as per the pictures I have taken I will give you a few examples of what I have gone through and have learnt over the past 6 months.

So I noticed that people who are not really meant to be in your life will keep you there for their happiness. They will only call you when they need you or make time for you when they want to. Leave you just happy enough to keep you around like give you something they know will make you weak. Always talk about themselves and basically not even ask you how you are.

With that being said I will say I gave those people a lot of my time but after a while I just decided you know what, you are sucking the life out of me and I just don’t have time for that – BUT like I said if I didn’t go through it I wouldn’t have known.

I also realised that if you don’t actually apply yourself to where you want to be you in life either a Job, a dream or even just saving money for that debt you know you need to pay, will always hate or dislike people who are successful.

An easy example is a job like I said you been wanting it so badly and you know that you can get it but you just not applying yourself or job shadowing. You just believe you should have it. Don’t act like you haven’t done that ever in your life. I lift my hand and shoo I don’t know how many times I felt like that but looking back I am like I didn’t even try to make an effort so HOW ON EARTH did I expect to get that job.

Now flip, I push myself like a crazy person. I am going to be working and studying which is going to be so hard and I take my hat off to people who do it. Like this post is called “sometimes” you got to go through some SSSSHHHH you will realize like oh my gosh it was me in the end and I just know I don’t wanna be there again so you work harder.

Anyway I can go on all day with so many examples but hey let me call that a POST lol

Let’s learn from every lesson, big or small. Take as much out of it next time, apply it so that you don’t repeat yourself and end up being that person that wallows. MEH!


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“And all of a sudden you know… It’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings…”

This year I am going in with a completely different mind set. I have decided that this is the year of “TIFFANY”. I want to think of me first, do things I want to do, go places, do adventures, I mean just live for me a little.

Some of you might think that it is selfish but if you really knew me, you would know that I never do things for me. I may want things to be done for me but I will always put others before me or make them happy and then think of myself.

This year, don’t get me wrong, I won’t forget about my loved ones but I am going to focus more on me and my NEEDS not wants well maybe some one of them LOL

As Beyoncé says ” I got me, myself and I.”

Let’s do this girl…

Photos – Sleeping Panda Photography

The “ex” factor

Ladies, ladies, ladies…

So I asked the question a few days ago as to “why does the new girlfriend not like the ex?” And it got me thinking we all have gone through that stage where we just can’t stand her, yet all the guy we with is trying to do, is move on with us and leave her alone because to be honest if he truly wanted to be there her he would leave your sorry ass…

So I lay in bed and wonder what makes us females feel this way?

  • Is it that we feel treathend?
  • Is she causing trouble?
  • Do we think that she’s still in the picture?
  • Are we insecure?
  • Do they still speak?
  • Are they call you their name?
  • Have they left in good terms?
  • Was it a good relationship?
  • Are you jealous of what they had?
  • Maybe the ex ain’t really the ex?

So is it something to really do with the ex or do we need to be working internally?

Like really man like I said before we are all guilty of this including myself and to be honest only when we are truly over the person and allow them to move on will the ex or ex’s never matter cause honey boo thang our handsomely strong men are coming…

Just you wait and see 😉

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Call me what you want…

img_5307 img_5312 img_5308

So I was told the other day that I am vain/narcissistic if they had to just look at my Facebook and Instagram and not really know me or take the chance too…




having or showing an excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance.

And I understand where people are coming by calling me that but you cannot base a person on their Instagram or Facebook posts! It’s just pictures that are out there for the world to see take it how you would like too but to be honest, no-one truly takes the time to get to know that person and actually realize they are nothing like what you thought they could be.

People are so quick to judge and label you without knowing what you have been through or currently dealing with.
Sorry but my life is to busy to worry with what people have to think of me! I know who I am and okay with that…

img_5304 img_5310 img_5302

Basically Imma do me and if you don’t like it you can simply unfollow!

Boy bye xx