misfit – my first tattoo

On the 8th April this year, I decided to take the plunge and got a tattoo… After much deliberation on what to get, how it should look, where it can be placed, the size and of course, if it’s a picture or script. I had finally found EXACTLY what I wanted. This had not taking a few months but a few years!!!

I had finally decided on the word MISFIT and a paw print as I am obsessed with lions of cause.

What the word MISFIT means to me and why I chose it : Do you possibly have a lifetime for me to truly show you what this word could describe and shape who I truly I am?

Probably not so I will try my best to explain how much I love being a MISFIT lol.

All my life I have found myself NOT fitting in with anyone, yes I had my group of friends, yet I always stood out or had some weird way of being noticed. I have had my fair share of trying to fit in, yet found myself losing who I truly I am and I didn’t like that. I don’t think that I fit in with my family, sometimes my friends, my work place or even just when I walk in a crowd. YET that is me, a misfit never wanting to be like everyone else, being who I was truly put on this earth to be. Being able to spot me a mile away cos I’m different in a good way.

With that being said I got the word MISFIT and a paw print on my rib cage as it is the worst place to get a tattoo! As the word has so much meaning and I wanted to show it off. So when you see it you will ask and I get to express a side of myself to you that you may not know as if yet.

What’s funny is that people who know me basically tell me when they see it “YEAH that explains you to the T” I just laugh as I know exactly what they mean.

I think one thing every has asked me is, “oh my word you have a tattoo and then flip was it not sore???” To be honest it is a weird feeling but I think I handled it really well. The closer the lines got to my chest the more pain I felt. The final line I honestly felt like the tattoo artist was about to kill me boobs but it went by so quickly I just bit down and took the pain.

It did take a bit of convincing for my tattoo artist to do my ribs as my first tattoo. They advised most people die half way through as it is one of the worst places to get a tattoo, so I was very proud of myself for going though with it.


That is my story of my first tattoo, can’t wait to tell you the next ❤

Just something small

So I started taking photos in the lift just for fun and to be silly, however as the days went by I realized that everyday I take a photo my emotion was always cheerful because I either was about to get food, or was my Friday or the shift had ended…

I had then started noticing that if that lift doesn’t open then I would literally be like “Awwww no man” no selfie today and my mood would be off!! For some people it may be a little bit like “oh come on Tiff really again, why must you take a picture now, it’s like you live there, can you just chill with the pictures now” when in actual fact for me it’s a really confidence boast and a silly small thing like a picture in a lift that changes my mood or makes me feel like being just a tad crazy at times, not that I need a lift for that ha ha. So if you find something silly or do something weird not everyone will approve it by hey do it for you, no1 needs to approve it!!!

Here’s to more lift shots and crazy moments that make you joyful at that very moment!!!


who are you to judge


Lately it has become acceptable for people to judge one another based on many different things:

“Look what she’s wearing, How did she get to date him, His totally gross, Do you know what she did last summer, did you hear where he lives, they hang out with the wrong people, oh my word did you see she had a drink in her hand, Do you really work there? Did he just say that?”

I have my moments when I have my comments I won’t lie, I am totally guilty of this. However once you get to know someone they are totally the opposite of what you thought they actually were. You see we can judge someone all we want but do we truly want someone to have this made up idea of what they think you could be but in fact it’s nothing close to who you really are.

We all sit on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and judge each other. Doing it in silent doesn’t make you any better than saying something in public.

I recently heard someone say they won’t like a picture because the girl in it was too beautiful???? REALLY??? We can’t tell people they beautiful or handsome anymore?? I think that is so weird yet we can easily tell someone “No, you should so not wear that it make you look fat” like is that really okay?? and when we do tell someone they look nice do we mean it????

People will judge you by : looks, what you wear, who you friends with, what you drive, what you drink, what you say, who you date, where you live, where you work, by your family and most of all by your past.

We have to realize it will probably never change yet it can all start with one. It may take sometime but if you willing to try, it might just make a difference.


doing it for you


You know when you take photos in the wind, your hair always has a mind of it’s own… but that is not what this post is about. I have learnt so much about myself since I have had to do a lot on my own and not have to check up with someone if it’s okay to do so.

DSC_7014 DSC_7005DSC_7006 DSC_7011

I believe that everyone has a moment in life where they have to put themselves first, fight for what you believe in or simply just be you. Some people won’t like it what so ever but you are not living for other people or to please them. There will always be comments, judgement and negativity but it’s how you deal with it. That is when you truly find you…


Set goals for yourself, short-term and long-term; get a flat, buy a car, find a man/women, have kids, be successful, do a shoot with a famous person, yes you may not get to them as soon as you may hope but never push them a side until it has been met. Make a list of silly things to do, e.g; take a random selfie with your crush, do the trust test in a shopping mall, try something new (clothing or food) have your face painted as your favourite character, basically do things to make you smile.

DSC_7023 DSC_7026

The reason I am posting this is we only get one life and we need to live it fully. We may regret not ever going for things we have always wanted to do. Do it for you not to please other because then we are not living for ourselves but to please them (whoever them may be) It’s your life so live it!!!


Dungaree – Mr price

Top – Cotton on

Sandals – Mr Price

Shades – Raybans

Watch – Casio

J_Carter Part 1


Getting to know Jared Carter an up coming Rapper that is blessed with an amazing voice and flow that you can listen to all day. I had an interview session with him and his manager, Neil Lasker a few weeks ago and felt like I wanted you guys to get to know him before you getting to know his music/career.


Where are you from: Originally from Ottery, currently in Portlands Mitchell’s Plain.

How old are you: I am 25 years old, born 19 March 1991

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning: Besides going to the bathroom look at my phone to see what is going on in the world.

What is your favourite colour: Black and sometimes Red.

What makes you smile: Seeing people progress in life.

What is your favourite movie: The Avengers has to be my favourite movie, I am a high marvel fan but I’m also a fan of Batman.

Have you ever cried during a movie: I  have cried for two movies, Titanic and Before we go.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? I would love to move things with my mind, so basically Telekinesis.


Why dreads: I grew my dreads due to just liking the fact of having it but then I learnt patience. Yet I still have very little patience, at least we have a made a little progress.

What about yourself do you find the most pride: I have a lot of pride in my rap, If I hear someone better than me I’d want to be better than what I am at that moment. So I am always trying to improve my style, flow and lyrics.

What do you notice first when you meet someone: Strangely, the first thing I notice is hair. Why, I don’t know but it’s the first thing I look at.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done in our life: I once burnt the neighbour’s yard when I was living in Ottery. I then burnt out a car. BUT the craziest thing I have ever done was become a rap artist.

What is your biggest fear: I have a huge fear of heights, snakes and small places.

What is more logical to follow, you head or your heart: They say follow your heart, but sometimes that can lead you astray. I believe we should follow our brain but not to over think things. Just follow your gut, which is the feelings you cannot explain but we know we can trust it.

Describe yourself in 6 words? Real, Crazy, Kind, Optimistic, Trustworthy and Loyal.


On my next post I will get more into detail with Jared regarding his music and how you can get a hold of it. Until then God bless xxxo

Retro classics

So I found this top on my friends amazing vintage page on Facebook and pop up stores that she has from time to time.



When I tried it on I felt like I was in a Michael Jackson production, in that moment I knew I had to have it. The simple detail on the shoulder and rope that hangs, I just knew It was coming home with me. The colour is to die for and you can match it with anything. I mostly match it with BLACK as it is my favourite colour of cos. There are many different items to choose from but this one is so mine and I LOVE IT…



If you would to purchase something simply click on the link and go crazy, you won’t be disappointed!!!


the light in the dark


You know how people always say there is light at the end of the tunnel, however we always so hard-headed and like no there will never be light at the end of this tunnel trust me…


I have been going through a lot lately and kept it all to myself, haven’t spoken to people about anything as I felt I would just be judged. You could see on my face that I wasn’t myself or I would just hide it well at times.


You see this is the thing, whatever we go through truly is to help us with our next challenge in life and prepares us for that, we may not see it while we are in it, saying “there is no light at the end” however when we get to the end the light it brighter than we could have imagined!!


Now I challenge you and myself instead of being silly and bitching about the situation, tell yourself there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will get there no matter how hard it will be, I know I can make it.


Photography – Gidion Felix