So I have come to learn that timing is not only such an ass but if not right can really make something beautiful into something completely ugly or just let it slide when it really shouldn’t…

Like for example you wanna buy an apartment/flat, you have all the information and a housemate to live with, funds is not a problem and you just can’t find a place what so ever. Nothing is affordable or you can’t find something of value in the places you have seen, TIMING…

Easy example a guy and girl fall for each other and it would be perfect,When you with each other nothing matters yet work gets in the way, friends and family, responsibilities, work opportunities or even just a simple I don’t think I can see you today is to hectic, TIMING…

You really want to buy a really expensive pair of sneakers but all you can afford at the time is simple pair of flats but if you just waited a few days you would have the money but they only have your size right now and it the last one, TIMING…

You have been trying so hard to get that job at work, you work hard, you do everything that is asked you, go above and beyond, stay extra hours, heals whenever it is needed yet the job just never has a position available, TIMING…

I’m sure I could type up every senorio when timing just isn’t right but that won’t solve anything. It will just get more people anxious and it would be way to much to read! 

Timing is so crazy these days honestly I have learnt so much about being patient (I’m still learning) however sometimes you just have to appreciate the now because in all honesty when the moment is 100% correct you will truly be grateful for the TIME…

Photography – Carlo Daniels


city missions

tiff shoot (2 of 1)

I had an amazing trip to town the other day with a great photographer by the name of Gidion. We had been planning to do a shoot for ages and finally had the same time off and this was basically our day.

tiff shoot (4 of 1) tiff shoot (7 of 1) tiff shoot (6 of 1) tiff shoot (5 of 1)

There are so many fun places to take pictures in town and this day we kinda just went crazy. I would just sit or stand in the middle of nowhere and it just worked out. I really do miss modelling and if I had the opportunity to do it again I would do it in a heartbeat ❤

Outfit above

Jersey – Jay jays    Jacket – Hello again (boys section)   Sunnies – Lundun Eyewear   Earrings – Lovisa

Back pack – Adidas   Lipstick – Mac cosmetics

Outfit below

Top – YDE     Kimono – Cotton on    Jeans – Mr price    Boots – Cotton on   Watch – Casio

tiff shoot (34 of 1) tiff shoot (25 of 1) tiff shoot (26 of 1) tiff shoot (33 of 1)

I know I normally talk about my outfit, however this post is all about these amazing pictures 🙂 I hope you like them as much as I do xx

tiff shoot (27 of 1)

Every moment can be captured, don’t ever forget that. Like the saying  “a picture can say thousand words”. It really can hold so much to it so with that being said, capture every moment you can.

tiff shoot (29 of 1) tiff shoot (31 of 1) tiff shoot (30 of 1) tiff shoot (28 of 1)

I hope you have an amazing festive season with friends and family, God bless xx

tiff shoot (1 of 1)

Photography – Gidion Felix

Follow him  – Instagram – @gidion_felix

Twitter – @gidionfelix88

black all day everyday

tiff shoot (16 of 1)

I think I have just got a little bit of obsession with the colour black, I can wear it all the time and love it. Basically everything I have bought lately is black ❤

tiff shoot (8 of 1) tiff shoot (10 of 1)

Jacket – China town    Jersey – Jay jays   Jeans – Forever21  Boots – Cotton on

Sunnies – Lundun eyewear   Lipstick – Mac cosmetics

tiff shoot (9 of 1) tiff shoot (13 of 1)

tiff shoot (11 of 1) tiff shoot (12 of 1)

I had spent the day in town with my amazing photographer friend Gidion and we just had a walk through the gardens admiring the weather in the Cape Town Gardens. Capturing the moment on camera of course.

I wore my favourite colour at the moment which is “black”. I have always liked the colour black but I feel at the moment its a bit of an obsession he he. I got this jacket from china town and I’m currently on the look out for a new leather jacket, any leather jacket is a go to jacket. It works anytime of the day. I paired it with a jersey from Jay jay’s and was very surprised at how much I have liked so many clothing items at Jay jays. If you haven’t gone to have a look, I promise you, you will leave with at least one item. Of course I wore my skin-tight jeans I can’t live without, hugs me in all the right places and you know when you find the perfect jeans you always wanna wear it??? This is that jeans ❤ if you follow me on Instagram you would know I have been looking for a pair of black boots for a while and I finally found the perfect pair at Cotton on. I walked in, tried them on and wanted to walk out the shop wearing them. I recommend you have a look at Cotton on if you looking for a pair and they having a sale at the moment, which is definitely an added bonus.

My lips just had to make a statement with the amazing “diva” lip colour from MAC cosmetics which I love so much. I can’t wait to get some more lip colours, there are some amazing colours out in store now.

With all these amazing sales I will see you all in the shops pretty soon xxxo God bless

tiff shoot (15 of 1)

Photography – Gidion Felix

springs and strings


Bring back summer 🙂 please excuse my bra in this pic it totally had FOMO #blushing

DSC_6588 DSC_6574 DSC_6572 DSC_6575 DSC_6579 DSC_6581 DSC_6582 DSC_6584 DSC_6583

Jeans – Edgars    Top – YDE    Heels – Mr Price    Rings – Lovisa

DSC_6585 DSC_6587 DSC_6586DSC_6590 DSC_6596 DSC_6591

About two months ago, I had quit my job and felt like my season had come to an end with the company. I have had so much free time that I would go shopping on a tight budget. I would get so excited when I could see a  sale sign in store and know I could walk in. YDE has had a sale recently and I had gotten this amazing top with the cutest string detail and not to mention the slit in the back. I tried it on and was like “Yip this is so going in my shopping cart as well as many others”. When I walked out the shop with my new purchase, I knew exactly what I wanted to pair it with. Of course a simple jeans so I could show off the detail on the top and a pair of gorgeous heels to give it a bit of edge. These shoes are not mine but my crazy cousin Miche’s. It really is crazy that basically everyone in my Family wears a 5-6 size shoe. I asked her is I could use it for a shoot just to finish off my look. She said yes 🙂 I loved that the bottom on my shoes were Cork because it matched the colour of my hair, pretty random I know #blush. The flowers on the shoes makes me think of a bunch of flowers wrapped around my feet and super girly. Got to be a little feminine at times. The jeans are plain and just about reach my ankles. It is so easy to wear them with heels or sneakers and not have to roll them up. A statement yet comfy blue jeans is always needed in your closet. A little bun on my head to finish the look and I am ready to go to a wedding, night out with the friends or just a random day in town.

DSC_6600 DSC_6602 DSC_6601

I have gotten such awesome summer and spring looks on sale lately, can someone please bring summer back or could I go to an Island for a week 🙂 PRETTY PLEASE



God Bless xxxo

Photography : Kerwn Little

lights camera fashion

DSC_0093 DSC_0097 DSC_0112 DSC_0098 DSC_0100 DSC_0111

Dress – YDE        Shoes – Zoom  

I have been dying to wear this dress to any event or occasion. Nothing has come up yet so I just decided why not wear it and make a post. I wanted to wear it on Christmas day but the weather just went crazy on the day and I decided to wear a safer option. I got this dress at YDE and fall in love my mom wanted it for her but I tried it on and showed my dad, he just said “no ways could your mother wear that” I just jumped around dress score ha ha. I love wearing white and if you look at a post I put up on Instagram a few weeks ago of Blake Lively in a maroon dress, one of my favourite colours. I said to myself  “if I can find a dress like that in white, I am so getting it!!! It this dress was longer I think I would have just bought it and saved it for my wedding day. My shoes I haven’t worn a lot after my 21st when I had gotten them from my boyfriend. They are amazing shoes and I find them the so easy to walk in. When I wear white I always like something to pop and this time I choose my shoes.

DSC_0127 DSC_0114DSC_0130 DSC_0129 DSC_0128 DSC_0131 DSC_0134 DSC_0132

Make Up – Lion20two

I have been wanting to do a make up post for so long but have just been so busy with work and thought why not just do a 2 in 1 post. I have a simple face with my eyes smokey brown with a touch of black for definition and my foundation colour from Mac. When applying your foundation always remember to blend into your neck and blend all over your face. For a more matt look, powder your face with a translucent powder, if you can’t find your perfect tone. I darkened my brows with black pencil from Rimmel and used some brown from Rimmel to make it less hash. I then used bronzer from Victoria Secret as a blush because it was so hot my cheeks were pink already and I didn’t want to over do the pink. I lined my lips with a blush colour from Revlon. It’s a soft pink colour and then I used a Nude colour from Mac to cover the rest of my lips. I kind of liked the liner to show a little but tried something new and I’M LOVING IT #blushing

DSC_0126 DSC_0123 DSC_0107

What have you been dying to wear that has been in your wardrobe for a while??

Leave a comment below. Can’t wait to find out ❤

God Bless


why did i put my brushes down



Lately I have been falling in love with make-up again!! Not really wearing it all the time but more being a make-up artist and not letting my 2 years of studies go to waste.


I think I lost my passion for make-up when I started wearing it so much and it started to define who I was. I never wanted to leave the house without my face on and it made me feel super insecure if I had almost nothing on (mascara and blush). I would cake (cover every spot with way too much make-up) my face and feel like I had come alive. I didn’t want that to define who I was or how I felt about myself anymore. As the picture says the way I saw my life, shaped my life. I never felt beautiful. I took a break from it just to find myself and just to feel like God made me beautiful with or without make-up. I still did matric balls/proms and functions that friends or family had asked me to do but I never really put myself on the market for a long time. I had spent time in front of the mirror, put up messages that would say, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, “You are beautiful”, “God does not make mistakes”, “No amount of make-up can make you more beautiful than you already are”, “Live for yourself and no one else” and “You got this”. After doing this for about a year I began to feel way more confident about myself and said “Okay Tiff you are a Lion and you will be brave in everything you do, no matter what anyone says.”


After being involved with Colour Conference 2015 hosted by Hillsong church. It truly awakened my passion for make-up and just being so excited with the outcome. I found myself being proud and overwhelmed with what I did on these amazing people. Seeing the singers and actors on stage, having the make-up on that I had done, really made me ask myself why I had stopped doing this. Why, why and why again.

11117238_943636295680426_3421566197396043442_n 1380081_943635875680468_340991168125679700_n 11149424_943724015671654_4778313451259880841_n 11152691_943723652338357_3570143662949371673_n 11011006_944715205572535_4458106501253394658_n 10464376_944715028905886_2679158871091336027_n 10404340_943723409005048_8913569662496734831_n 18218_943635995680456_1486981214736320038_n

I have recently done some make-up for more matric balls/proms and will start to do lots more make-up posts. I won’t stop adding my fashion and lifestyle posts but I feel like I should share my skills with you all in easy step by step guides. I really hope you would enjoy that :X


I just wanted to be very real and honest for a quick post and I hope you all got to know me a little bit more.

God bless



Photography : Hillsong Church and Lion20two



Went to the waterfront for my friends birthday few weeks back and had a quick photo shoot of my OOTD with the amazing boats and table mountain in the back ground.

IMG_4225 IMG_4226IMG_4227 IMG_4230

 Jacket – Factorie   Top – Factorie  Leggings – H&M  Glasses – Lundun Eyewear  Shoes – Vans  Hat – Forever 21

IMG_4239 IMG_4254IMG_4243 IMG_4249 IMG_4243IMG_4255 IMG_4236

Lately I have been wearing a lot of black and I think it’s because I have already put on weight and winter is close by, yes it’s getting a bit cold but doesn’t mean I should let go. Anyway excuse my craziness. Black has always been a colour to buy because it goes with everything. You could wear a bright colour with it or match it with something dark. I saw this top on my trip to Johannesburg when I went for work, in the guys section at Factorie. There is just something about boys vests and tshirts that I just love #dontjudgeme I loved the Hashtag and decided I would buy myself and my boyfriend one, matching lol because we had won at a camp we had recently added at Hillsong Church Cape Town. In this look I matched it with plain black leggings, something simple but I didn’t want to have to much print as my top already had some detail. I haven’t worn my maroon vans in a while and thought they would look pretty cool with this outfit, chilled but also comfy. I added my maroon hat I got at Forever21, to keep to stylish but also not to cray as it was just brunch for my friend’s birthday. Don’t wanna rock up to crazy. In some images you see me wearing my army jacket I got at cotton on. We were going to the V & A Waterfront Market and being close to the water I didn’t wanna freeze but I also loved how it all looked together. Seeing that the sun was out my glasses were a must have and how can you go wrong with mirrored sunnies? Never.

IMG_4247 IMG_4250IMG_4252 IMG_4256

 Hope I gave you guys some tips on how to keep it comfy with a touch of style 🙂

God bless xxxo



Photography : Andrea Appel