“And all of a sudden you know… It’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings…”

This year I am going in with a completely different mind set. I have decided that this is the year of “TIFFANY”. I want to think of me first, do things I want to do, go places, do adventures, I mean just live for me a little.

Some of you might think that it is selfish but if you really knew me, you would know that I never do things for me. I may want things to be done for me but I will always put others before me or make them happy and then think of myself.

This year, don’t get me wrong, I won’t forget about my loved ones but I am going to focus more on me and my NEEDS not wants well maybe some one of them LOL

As Beyoncé says ” I got me, myself and I.”

Let’s do this girl…

Photos – Sleeping Panda Photography


Call me what you want…

img_5307 img_5312 img_5308

So I was told the other day that I am vain/narcissistic if they had to just look at my Facebook and Instagram and not really know me or take the chance too…




having or showing an excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance.

And I understand where people are coming by calling me that but you cannot base a person on their Instagram or Facebook posts! It’s just pictures that are out there for the world to see take it how you would like too but to be honest, no-one truly takes the time to get to know that person and actually realize they are nothing like what you thought they could be.

People are so quick to judge and label you without knowing what you have been through or currently dealing with.
Sorry but my life is to busy to worry with what people have to think of me! I know who I am and okay with that…

img_5304 img_5310 img_5302

Basically Imma do me and if you don’t like it you can simply unfollow!

Boy bye xx



Je suis amiée

So I decided to get another tattoo but never really want to put anything on my body that is just for fun, however needs to have a great amount of meaning to me as it will be there for life!!

Let’s get a little bit deep just for a moment. My reason for the tattoo I had gotten on my Thigh is due to the fact that I don’t feel I am worthly of LOVE most times of my life, I have been in long term relationships/friendships and after a few years it ends and I just feel like I won’t ever have that REAL LOVE. Although I feel like I actually people LOVE fully. At times I know I don’t I will admit but yeah we all know when he/she just isn’t the one. My tattoo is in FRENCH – JE SUIS AIMÉE which means I AM LOVED. I choose french as I do feel it can be so romantic and it is called the language of LOVE heeeyyyyyyy lol.

Since I have had the tattoo I can honestly say looking st it daily makes me constantly feel that someone out there LOVES me for me, whether I know the person of not. I know someone does or at least I hope.


Thank you to the amazing team at Sleight of hand for the crazy experience and laughter throughout my sit down, I love my tattoo so much ❤ I will see you again soon 🙂

P.S if you can see I got a small tattoo on my wrist.  I had gotten this with the beautiful lady in my picture above which symbolizes our relationship together which has not ended and if yet to unfold, We got matching tattoos 🙂 love her to bits

struggle is real…


You ever have a feeling that you stuck in something you feel you cannot get out of yet you know you shouldn’t be in it???

It could be a friendship, work place, hotel room or even a family gathering.

I have come to learn that you are the only person that can change that exact situation, no-one else can do it for you. You can be encouraged to move on and turn away, yet you hold the power to actually follow through with the advise given.

Ask yourself these questions :

  • Look at what is bad or not right about the situation
  • Find out what is keeping you there and why?
  • Would it be worth it in the long run?
  • What have people been saying to you, should I listen or just push it a side
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • In which way will I benefit
  • Can I solve it or will it just get worse if I try?
  • Am I truly happy?

If most of the questions are answered in a negative way GET OUT, as you will be hurting yourself more than anything. To be honest we all deserve to be happy and never have to find ourselves in a situation where we are not ourselves or find that we are just trying to survive or get through the day.

Save yourself from the drama, you deserve better!!!!


Photography – Carlo Daniels

iQ cruises cos we skit yachts

Where do I begin ❤ when you realize that you actually have not experienced Cape Town and you live here all your life.  So I decided to go on a sunset cruise with 5 of my friends to live that Lavish life even if its just for one night.  We made a pack to do more tourist adventures in Cape Town –  a tourist in your own town 🙂


It started at 6:45pm when we had to board the yacht and get the run down of our journey ahead as well as the safety tips. Of course we had to be there about 25 minutes earlier to pay for our booking and get our tickets. We were then advised that there are rails on each side of the yacht – please use when walking, there are sitting all around the yacht as well as inside, you can sit on the mats however you will get splashed from time to time, there will be refreshments on sale and blankets if it gets to windy.

At 7pm we left on our journey;  got some refreshments and we decided to sit outside to see the amazing view.  Well, not even 5 minutes into the yacht ride we got splashed with water like no tomorrow. So we decided until the water settles we would go inside before we were drenched in sea water. When we got inside we chilled and got dry while waiting for the water to calm down enough to go back out.





After the water calmed down, I was way to eager to get out and sit on the mat as the other guests on the yacht were not that interested.  Although I get really bad motion sickness which means I get car sick and sea sick really quickly but this trip was not that bad at all.  I was running up and down, all over the boat jumping and being weird as if the motion sickness did not exist whatsoever I am so glad no-one got a video of me throwing up!!

We then enjoyed the trip to Sea Point after turning around.  We saw an amazing sunset and as you know Cape Town always goes the extra mile with its beautiful sunsets. We took loads of pics of course but my phone decided to die (face palm) Likely my friends stepped in and we got some amazing shots of the yacht trip.

Once the yacht had turned and the sun started to set, it became a little chilly.  I didn’t feel it that much but I would advise you to take a jacket along so that you don’t get sick or get too chilly however if you do forget there are blankets available.

It is definitely something to do as a girls night out, date night or just a couple of friends out to have a good time! I think being nervous was just a given and I was even more anxious to throw up but hey I did it with out feeling nauseous what so ever, like my friend has claimed this years motto to be “don’t miss your turn” that’s exactly what I think we need to do!! Don’t say no if you haven’t tried something or you to scared to do it, do it you may find that you love every second of it and then you live with no regrets!!


This cruise was so worth it and I will definitely be back again.

Thank you iQ Cruise for the experience of a lifetime 🙂

what’s your coffee???

My love for coffee is a never-ending story…


I have got my favourite stores that I go to but I am not scared to try something new. The difference is that when you find the one ❤ it’s really hard to change your mind or to be like are yeah let’s try something else… I feel like I will be cheating on my favourite cup if I go somewhere else you know??? I am not sure if you feel the same but maybe about something different, like favourite restaurant, drink, shoes, outfit or car… It is so hard to have a little change. Although change is good, it is hard to actually allow it to happen.

I have 3 favourites store and my favorite drink at that store :

Deluxe Coffee works for a Cortado

Rosetta Roastery for a Flat white

Seattle Coffee for a Seattle Freeze


What’s your favourite place to have coffee maybe I will pop in and have a taste…

Photographer – Gidion Felix



If you know me pretty well, I am very into art and when I heard about the event RedbullSA was going to have called “Doodle Art” in the gardens, I couldn’t wait to go. I didn’t care if I was sick, in pain, couldn’t walk, I was going to be there.


When walking in, you are welcomed by so many people and of course you have to treat yourself to a Redbull. My boyfriend and I then went on the explore the different art pieces that was on show 🙂


The surf board was one of my favorite ones. It was interactive and very colourful, you would notice it from the entrance. It really stood out and the kids that came with their parent would run straight to the surf board wanting to stand on it and take a picture. I am not a surfer and totally look like a natural in this picture, if I may add. I would like to learn how to surf one day…


I loved the way this lady looked and her eye colour was like a yellow and it was so funny because my glasses was just about the same colour, totally felt we had a bonding moment. I loved the detail and that it was a beautiful female in the image, nothing like some girl power.


South Africa’s artist had truly captured the most famous mountain we are known for “Table Mountain” in Cape Town, South Africa. I loved the fact that when you looked through the whole you would see the design below all over the mountain. Yes it was just an Image that was on the Screen but the way it was positioned it seemed so real. Once again the kids wanted to play with it and so did the adults. Made it a fun activity for any age group.




The Pyramid was so much fun. When you walked through the sun would shine through the glass and it made you look up. The design was in the glass and it looked so awesome with the sunlight shinning through. It would make the print all over your face and body which I thought was different and beyond awesome.


The elephant was a cloth with the design on and was perfect to the touch (I would have totally worn that print)l. It also bought something different to the event as most were on paper. I was so happy to see that most of the Art pieces were of Women, had colour, had some element that was represented in the Countries, was just fun and inspiring to see some really good artists put pen to paper. I love drawing and messing around with pen and paper. Most of the time its more doodling then an actually drawing but add them all to together and you could get a really good art piece.


If Art is a way you to express yourself, then do it. Don’t let anyone stop you, reach your dreams and always believe in yourself.


God Bless