misfit – my first tattoo

On the 8th April this year, I decided to take the plunge and got a tattoo… After much deliberation on what to get, how it should look, where it can be placed, the size and of course, if it’s a picture or script. I had finally found EXACTLY what I wanted. This had not taking a few months but a few years!!!

I had finally decided on the word MISFIT and a paw print as I am obsessed with lions of cause.

What the word MISFIT means to me and why I chose it : Do you possibly have a lifetime for me to truly show you what this word could describe and shape who I truly I am?

Probably not so I will try my best to explain how much I love being a MISFIT lol.

All my life I have found myself NOT fitting in with anyone, yes I had my group of friends, yet I always stood out or had some weird way of being noticed. I have had my fair share of trying to fit in, yet found myself losing who I truly I am and I didn’t like that. I don’t think that I fit in with my family, sometimes my friends, my work place or even just when I walk in a crowd. YET that is me, a misfit never wanting to be like everyone else, being who I was truly put on this earth to be. Being able to spot me a mile away cos I’m different in a good way.

With that being said I got the word MISFIT and a paw print on my rib cage as it is the worst place to get a tattoo! As the word has so much meaning and I wanted to show it off. So when you see it you will ask and I get to express a side of myself to you that you may not know as if yet.

What’s funny is that people who know me basically tell me when they see it “YEAH that explains you to the T” I just laugh as I know exactly what they mean.

I think one thing every has asked me is, “oh my word you have a tattoo and then flip was it not sore???” To be honest it is a weird feeling but I think I handled it really well. The closer the lines got to my chest the more pain I felt. The final line I honestly felt like the tattoo artist was about to kill me boobs but it went by so quickly I just bit down and took the pain.

It did take a bit of convincing for my tattoo artist to do my ribs as my first tattoo. They advised most people die half way through as it is one of the worst places to get a tattoo, so I was very proud of myself for going though with it.


That is my story of my first tattoo, can’t wait to tell you the next ❤


the light in the dark


You know how people always say there is light at the end of the tunnel, however we always so hard-headed and like no there will never be light at the end of this tunnel trust me…


I have been going through a lot lately and kept it all to myself, haven’t spoken to people about anything as I felt I would just be judged. You could see on my face that I wasn’t myself or I would just hide it well at times.


You see this is the thing, whatever we go through truly is to help us with our next challenge in life and prepares us for that, we may not see it while we are in it, saying “there is no light at the end” however when we get to the end the light it brighter than we could have imagined!!


Now I challenge you and myself instead of being silly and bitching about the situation, tell yourself there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will get there no matter how hard it will be, I know I can make it.


Photography – Gidion Felix

new feel for my blog

To be honest I have seen so many people start a blog about fashion and I have just being taken a back and it’s led me to think about what I really want my blog to be, maybe even represent. You see, I don’t just want my blog to just be about fashion, rather I want my blog to be a place where I can be me, type about my thoughts on topics and allow you get to know the real me.

I know this may cause me to lose followers and some may even “hate” on me but you are to be blunt…you are entitled to your own opinion as well as follow who you wish and unfollow who you don’t want to see or know about.

Basically my blog will still have fashion posts, maybe a few make up post or even reviews on products, however it will mainly be about my life what I have gone through, how I have overcome things or just how my day has been.