struggle is real…


You ever have a feeling that you stuck in something you feel you cannot get out of yet you know you shouldn’t be in it???

It could be a friendship, work place, hotel room or even a family gathering.

I have come to learn that you are the only person that can change that exact situation, no-one else can do it for you. You can be encouraged to move on and turn away, yet you hold the power to actually follow through with the advise given.

Ask yourself these questions :

  • Look at what is bad or not right about the situation
  • Find out what is keeping you there and why?
  • Would it be worth it in the long run?
  • What have people been saying to you, should I listen or just push it a side
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • In which way will I benefit
  • Can I solve it or will it just get worse if I try?
  • Am I truly happy?

If most of the questions are answered in a negative way GET OUT, as you will be hurting yourself more than anything. To be honest we all deserve to be happy and never have to find ourselves in a situation where we are not ourselves or find that we are just trying to survive or get through the day.

Save yourself from the drama, you deserve better!!!!


Photography – Carlo Daniels


new feel for my blog

To be honest I have seen so many people start a blog about fashion and I have just being taken a back and it’s led me to think about what I really want my blog to be, maybe even represent. You see, I don’t just want my blog to just be about fashion, rather I want my blog to be a place where I can be me, type about my thoughts on topics and allow you get to know the real me.

I know this may cause me to lose followers and some may even “hate” on me but you are to be blunt…you are entitled to your own opinion as well as follow who you wish and unfollow who you don’t want to see or know about.

Basically my blog will still have fashion posts, maybe a few make up post or even reviews on products, however it will mainly be about my life what I have gone through, how I have overcome things or just how my day has been.