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being a bridesmaid

I know there is a saying “always the bridesmaid never the bride” but I have always wanted to be a bridesmaid, there is just something about seeing the bride happy and seeing the journey with the bridal party.

Yes I may be completely crazy and it makes no sense to you, I may be the only person that feels this way but it would be an honour to be in a wedding standing next to the bride supporting her day and not just a number to fill a list or seat.

You see nobody wants to fill a seat, be a number or even just be a shadow in a picture. I have been to a few weddings and to be honest they say “You mean so much to us and that why we wanted you here, We wanna see you in our lives, Grow with you all and Can’t wait to have you all be by our side till the end.” That’s good and all but what it comes down to is yours and their friendship.

I have always seen a bridesmaid as a BEST friend, someone you can count on and will be there through thick and thin, will be sitting with you saying wow we messed up but I really do love you. Someone you can forgive no matter the mess up or no matter the moments you haven’t seen each other but the moments you cherish. I may not have all these traits as I am such an out spoken and straight forward person and pretty much say it like it is, most people can’t deal with that and probably the reason I have never been a bridesmaid. I have been called a BEST friend so many times but I have seen that word thrown out so easily, yet people have never taken the time to actually be one.

So basically my point is I may want to be a bridesmaid and even though I might not get the chance to be one, a girl can always dream.




forest adventures


High waisted and crop tops are my new favourite thing.

DSC_0895 DSC_0896 DSC_0897

Jeans – Mr Price     Crop top – Cotton on     Kimono – Cotton on

Heels – Cotton on     Rings – Lovisa     Watch – Casio

DSC_0903 DSC_0911 DSC_0905

I think I have some obsessing with High waisted jeans and I love how it pulls everything together in this look. This jeans just has the right amount of rips and the colour stands out. I paired it with a simple grey crop top and a black kimono I bought at Cotton on. I just love it when you have nothing to wear but yet something to simple looks so good. I added a black wedge to dress up the look, still keeping it simple with a kick. Simple Gold jewellery to spice it up and look more elegant. I think I got right.

Never be scared if can rock a high-waisted short or jeans just do it…

DSC_0913 DSC_0918 DSC_0924 DSC_0927 DSC_0915 DSC_0920

Keep it simple yet elegant and you will have got a great look ❤


God bless xxxo

Photography : Kerwn Little

cropped lace


I know that I am not the skinniest girl on the planet but if I am not gonna think “God made me beautiful” then no-one else will, so I became just a touch brave and rocked a high-waisted jeans and crop top.

DSC_0943 DSC_0945 DSC_0938 DSC_0940DSC_0969 DSC_0973

High-waisted Jeans – Mr Price    Crop top – YDE    Lace jacket – Cotton on   Heels – Cotton on

Rings – Lovisa   Watch – Casio  Nail polish – Essence

DSC_0979 DSC_0976 DSC_0977

I have been looking for a High-waisted jeans for about a year now but not just any jeans. The perfect one. A jeans with no extra piece stuck onto the jeans or to many buttons, I can be fussy with clothes but no-one buys something they don’t like just because. When I walked into Mr price I wanted to buy all that was on the hanger but there was only one in my size #can’tdeal but I made sure no-one else was going to get that jeans that day. It has become my favourite jeans yet. I was very daring and tried it one with a crop top that I would never wear out but put on my brave face and said “tiff you are not naked at all, yes there is some skin showing but if this doesn’t workout then you don’t have to wear it again.” To be honest I felt like I needed to just come out of my shell and take a leap. It is different if I was wearing a short skirt with my tummy wide open, I will never be able to do that lol. There are some really cute crop tops that show no skin if you rock it with something high-waisted, so lets get brave together. My mom had bought this lace jacket and I have been trying to steal it from her cupboard and kinda never return it but I haven’t gotten it right. I asked if I could wear it and immediately she said ” you better return it.” I paired with this look to have a different texture to the look and it was pretty hot. I hate sweating and this was just perfect for the weather 🙂 I really can’t wait to wear it again, summer you may come now. My heels are the most comfy and can make any look more glam. I have always wanted some to look good but not be uncomfortable at the same time and there are so much wedges in stores that you can find exactly why you want and rock it “comfy” he he. I got these on sale at Cotton on and just knew I was going to love them. I have been looking for a suede black heel for a while and when these were R100, I jumped to the till. I’m sure you guys all know that feeling #blushing


Shop till you drop with the great sales, I will see you all there.

God bless xxxo

Photography : Kerwn Little

springs and strings


Bring back summer 🙂 please excuse my bra in this pic it totally had FOMO #blushing

DSC_6588 DSC_6574 DSC_6572 DSC_6575 DSC_6579 DSC_6581 DSC_6582 DSC_6584 DSC_6583

Jeans – Edgars    Top – YDE    Heels – Mr Price    Rings – Lovisa

DSC_6585 DSC_6587 DSC_6586DSC_6590 DSC_6596 DSC_6591

About two months ago, I had quit my job and felt like my season had come to an end with the company. I have had so much free time that I would go shopping on a tight budget. I would get so excited when I could see a  sale sign in store and know I could walk in. YDE has had a sale recently and I had gotten this amazing top with the cutest string detail and not to mention the slit in the back. I tried it on and was like “Yip this is so going in my shopping cart as well as many others”. When I walked out the shop with my new purchase, I knew exactly what I wanted to pair it with. Of course a simple jeans so I could show off the detail on the top and a pair of gorgeous heels to give it a bit of edge. These shoes are not mine but my crazy cousin Miche’s. It really is crazy that basically everyone in my Family wears a 5-6 size shoe. I asked her is I could use it for a shoot just to finish off my look. She said yes 🙂 I loved that the bottom on my shoes were Cork because it matched the colour of my hair, pretty random I know #blush. The flowers on the shoes makes me think of a bunch of flowers wrapped around my feet and super girly. Got to be a little feminine at times. The jeans are plain and just about reach my ankles. It is so easy to wear them with heels or sneakers and not have to roll them up. A statement yet comfy blue jeans is always needed in your closet. A little bun on my head to finish the look and I am ready to go to a wedding, night out with the friends or just a random day in town.

DSC_6600 DSC_6602 DSC_6601

I have gotten such awesome summer and spring looks on sale lately, can someone please bring summer back or could I go to an Island for a week 🙂 PRETTY PLEASE



God Bless xxxo

Photography : Kerwn Little

winter is near…


DSC_6458 DSC_6449

Jacket – Factorie   Shirt – H&M   Jeans – Edgars   Shoes – Vans   Beanie – Factorie

Rings – Cotton on (some from ask me to shop)   Necklace – Diva   Nail-polish – Rimmel

DSC_6473 DSC_6475 DSC_6476DSC_6468 DSC_6469 DSC_6472

If you haven’t noticed that the weather is getting wet then you are probably in a different part of the world enjoying the sunshine. I kinda like the cold weather gives me a reason to stay in bed all day and nobody can say anything or basically layer my clothes and it will look and feel great.

Basically what you see in these pics is a simple way of layering. The one thing I love about winter in mens wear is the best warm and no1 really wants to buy it, well from the females side. I love this jacket I got from Factorie in the mens section last year and I one of my favourite item to wear in winter. I love the colour because it’s as close to maroon that I could find and afford. I paired it with a simple white shirt buttoned to the top. I feel more comfortable that way and it keeps me warm when I don’t wear a scarf. The jacket is pretty dark so the white would just make my outfit stand out. I pair it with skinny jeans to keep my legs warm and the rest of my look was pretty loose. Some people say “whats the point of rolling up your pants if you are going to freeze” to be honest I really don’t get that cold and I wouldn’t b doing that if it was running #gumboots ha ha. I wore my Vans that are getting so dirty but I can never keep anything white clean. Come to think of it I love wearing white so I need to start. Of course my shoes also add some sense of brightness to this look.

I added some simple accessories to this look, a grey beanie to just keep my head warm but also to protect my fresh hair from the wet air #curlyhairproblems. A silver love necklace that I haven’t worn in ages that I found in a bag I haven’t worn in forever, it pays to spring clean every now and again. This necklace is the cutest little reminder that I am LOVED. I had my nails done by me when I got bored at work one day during load shedding and was behind happy that I had something to do. White really looks great on any colour skin and I would say get a good brand and have some fun with your nail colour. Of course I can’t really go anywhere without a thousand pair of rings on and Cotton on has some really good rings in store. If you looking for some really good silver jewellery at a great price try Ask me to shops website below, supporting local is always best.

DSC_6491 DSC_6466DSC_6460 DSC_6492DSC_6489 DSC_6486DSC_6482 DSC_6464

Winter is totally coming, the nights are really getting darker and colder much quicker hope everyone is prepaid if not then that means… Shopping!!!

DSC_6496 DSC_6498 DSC_6497


Stay warm, God bless xxxo


Photography : My Dad 🙂 Andre Johannessen


Ask me to shop –

back to black


My pre birthday OOTD because I had gotten myself these amazing nike trainers and couldn’t wait to wear them, Happy birthday me…

IMG_6223 IMG_6236DSC_0164 DSC_0159IMG_6226 IMG_6221

I have had my eyes on these shoes for a while and whenever I went shopping I would look at them and say next month, can you afford, rather save up and would leave the shop without the shoes. I went shopping at Access park a few days before my birthday looking for something to wear, I mean what girl doesn’t want a whole new outfit for her birthday. I walked into the nike store and saw the shoes in my size at a reduced prize and after fitting them on I walked straight to the till. What can I say after a while of falling in love and not leaving the item, the right time will come and a sale will save the day. I was very busy the day before my birthday and wanted to go for a more comfy look. My most comfy jeans are my boyfriend jeans that a ripped gives it a bit of style and doesn’t look the track suit pants. I paired it with a simple black shirt that wasn’t to tight and had some button detail on the sleeves. My watch, necklace and glasses added some style but didn’t over power the look. My hair I had done at Stylebar in Tygervalley. Just had my locks more golden as I felt they were fading. I dyed my hair previously about 2 years ago, needed some change. I can’t wait for my new style but that will only happen the end of the year. I had a fresh face and simple make up with my amazing Mac products. I had got the perfect white nail colour from Rimmel and it lasts about a week and a half without chipping #bonus I am loving my white nails.

Get comfy and look stylish

God bless


IMG_6268 DSC_0166 IMG_6264IMG_6254 IMG_6274 IMG_6239

Jeans – Factorie    Skirt – Mr Price    Shoes – Nike store    Glasses – The Lot

Nails – Rimmel  Hair – Stylebar  Make up – Mac Cosmetics


Photography : Lion20two



Went to the waterfront for my friends birthday few weeks back and had a quick photo shoot of my OOTD with the amazing boats and table mountain in the back ground.

IMG_4225 IMG_4226IMG_4227 IMG_4230

 Jacket – Factorie   Top – Factorie  Leggings – H&M  Glasses – Lundun Eyewear  Shoes – Vans  Hat – Forever 21

IMG_4239 IMG_4254IMG_4243 IMG_4249 IMG_4243IMG_4255 IMG_4236

Lately I have been wearing a lot of black and I think it’s because I have already put on weight and winter is close by, yes it’s getting a bit cold but doesn’t mean I should let go. Anyway excuse my craziness. Black has always been a colour to buy because it goes with everything. You could wear a bright colour with it or match it with something dark. I saw this top on my trip to Johannesburg when I went for work, in the guys section at Factorie. There is just something about boys vests and tshirts that I just love #dontjudgeme I loved the Hashtag and decided I would buy myself and my boyfriend one, matching lol because we had won at a camp we had recently added at Hillsong Church Cape Town. In this look I matched it with plain black leggings, something simple but I didn’t want to have to much print as my top already had some detail. I haven’t worn my maroon vans in a while and thought they would look pretty cool with this outfit, chilled but also comfy. I added my maroon hat I got at Forever21, to keep to stylish but also not to cray as it was just brunch for my friend’s birthday. Don’t wanna rock up to crazy. In some images you see me wearing my army jacket I got at cotton on. We were going to the V & A Waterfront Market and being close to the water I didn’t wanna freeze but I also loved how it all looked together. Seeing that the sun was out my glasses were a must have and how can you go wrong with mirrored sunnies? Never.

IMG_4247 IMG_4250IMG_4252 IMG_4256

 Hope I gave you guys some tips on how to keep it comfy with a touch of style 🙂

God bless xxxo



Photography : Andrea Appel