who are you to judge


Lately it has become acceptable for people to judge one another based on many different things:

“Look what she’s wearing, How did she get to date him, His totally gross, Do you know what she did last summer, did you hear where he lives, they hang out with the wrong people, oh my word did you see she had a drink in her hand, Do you really work there? Did he just say that?”

I have my moments when I have my comments I won’t lie, I am totally guilty of this. However once you get to know someone they are totally the opposite of what you thought they actually were. You see we can judge someone all we want but do we truly want someone to have this made up idea of what they think you could be but in fact it’s nothing close to who you really are.

We all sit on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and judge each other. Doing it in silent doesn’t make you any better than saying something in public.

I recently heard someone say they won’t like a picture because the girl in it was too beautiful???? REALLY??? We can’t tell people they beautiful or handsome anymore?? I think that is so weird yet we can easily tell someone “No, you should so not wear that it make you look fat” like is that really okay?? and when we do tell someone they look nice do we mean it????

People will judge you by : looks, what you wear, who you friends with, what you drive, what you drink, what you say, who you date, where you live, where you work, by your family and most of all by your past.

We have to realize it will probably never change yet it can all start with one. It may take sometime but if you willing to try, it might just make a difference.



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